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25 Jul 2024 
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 How do I Upgrade my Account?
 You can now upgrade or downgrade your account yourself from the Member's area by choosing the 'Manage My Account' menu and 'Upgrade/Downgrade Account' link. If you pay by PayPal and joined prior to August 7, 2009, you need to create a new billing agree
 How do I cancel my account?
 You may cancel your account at any time by logging into our website. Once on the Member's pages, choose the 'Manage My Account' menu and 'Cancel Account' and complete the cancellation page. Once a cancel request is submitted you will not be billed aga
 How do I cancel the PayPal payment subscription for my account?
 If you joined prior to August 6, 2009 and paid by PayPal, follow the steps below. If you joined after August 6, 2009, all you need to do is cancel your account by logging into the Member's area of our website and choosing the 'Manage My Account' menu 'Ca
 I need my User ID or Password
 You can retrieve your User ID or Password using the 'Forgot User ID' and 'Forgot Password' links near the login box on our home web page. Those links will send you an e-mail to the address we have on file for your account with the login information you n
 What is a 502 error and how do I fix it?
 A 502 error is an error generated newsreader client software when the news server rejects the account User ID or Password. Why would the news server reject my User ID or Password? There are several reasons why this might occur. If you check the thi
 Can I post messages with my ThunderNews account?
 Yes. We allow posting. Posting is not enabled by default for accounts. You may receive an error 440 from the News Server until posting is enabled on your account. Please submit a support request at:
 How do I request you add a newsgroup?
 You can submit a request to add a newsgroup on the page:
 What is AutoRecycle and how does it work?
 Auto Recycling is a feature we developed on request from our customers. If you use your alloted bandwidth up before your regular term ends (usually monthly), Auto Recycling will renew your account and rebill your card for a new term (usually monthly) from
 Grabit and Error 412 Not currently in a newsgroup
 This error may occur using Grabit in some situations. The situation that causes it occurs when a LIST command is sent by the newsreader software, but the newsgroup name has not been sent previously. This can make newsgroups appear to have few articles o
 Use Telnet to test your ability to connect to our servers
 If you want to test your ability to connect to our servers, you can run the telnet command from a DOS prompt. Telnet'ing to our news servers allows you to test: a) if you can reach them b) if they are responding properly The telnet command from
 How do I update my Credit/Debit card at WorldPay?
 If you need to change or update your credit/debit card information at WorldPay, you may follow these steps: 1. Go to the WorldPay Shopper Management System login page at: 2. The Agreement Login home page i
 How do I Restart My Account?
 If you pay by Credit Card: If your account is funded by credit card and your account status is presently 'Cancelled', 'Disabled' or 'Expired', you can restart your account by logging into your account on our website. From there, choose the menu
 Duplicate message/Article size mismatch
 This type of error may be caused if a customer is using Avast! anti-virus software. Disabling Avast! or switching to a different anti-virus product should solve the issue.

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