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ThunderNews.com Help and Support:

We have recently begun offering Live Support. Feel free to contact our Live Support Team below. You may quickly find the answers to common questions below.

 Sales Questions

 I recently joined and have not received my login infomation.

 I recently joined and my login does not work. I get this error: 502 ACCESS DENIED

 I have successfully connected before, but now I get this error: 502 ACCESS DENIED

 I want to Upgrade my account

 I canceled my account. Please restart it again.

 My account failed to rebill properly. Please restart it again.

 How do I cancel my account?

 I misplaced my login information.

 I used up my bandwidth. Please renew my account or Enable Auto Recycle.

 When I try to post, I get this error: 440 POSTING NOT ALLOWED

 I get this error when I try to connect: 400 PER USER CONNECTION LIMIT REACHED

 I have an Unlimited account, but I am getting a quota error.

 I would like to request you add a newsgroup

 I would like a 3 day trial test account

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 Billing Questions.

 Report Abuse.

 General Questions / Other Issues